FEB Unila Holds Digital Marketing Training for UMKM

FEB Unila Holds Digital Marketing Training for UMKM

FEB Unila | The Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Unila opened a Digital Marketing Training for UMKM, Wednesday (09/09) in room D1 FEB Unila. The activity initiated by FEB Unila in collaboration with BI and Tokopedia was attended by small and medium entrepreneurs from various city districts in Lampung province who are members of the Lampung MSME Association.

The event was attended by the Chairperson of the Lampung Province UMKM Association, Andi, BI representatives from Lampung Province who were also speakers, Nasakti Nasution, Tokopedia Representative as well as resource person, Fithra Aulia, and an academic from FEB Unila Mudji Rahmat Ramelan, SE, MBA who was also a guest speaker .

In his speech, the Dean of FEB Unila, Dr. Nairobi said, “The instructions for the UMKM era must follow current developments. Digital product marketing, must take advantage of various existing marketplace platforms, “he said. Furthermore, Dr. Nairobi said, it is hoped that these UMKM activists can work together and be fostered by academics. So that it can increase marketing that can reach all lines.

Meanwhile, the Vice Dean of Academic and Cooperation Affairs at FEB Unila at the end of the activity hoped that this activity could go further, considering that this is a form of community service. “FEB Unila has a lecturer who states that 118 people who are ready to help the development of UMKM are accommodated”, he said at the closing of the event. (Suri/Ynd)

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